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Oral-Conscious Sedation Broomfield, CO

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About Oral-Conscious Sedation

At Broomfield Dental Group in Broomfield, CO, our dentists provide oral-conscious sedation to patients during complex services or for patients who suffer from anxiety about visiting the dentist. Oral-conscious sedation is administered as a tablet approximately 60 minutes prior to the dental procedure. The tablet can be made for a mild or medium sedation level, to fit the patient’s needs and the service being performed. Mild sedation will make the patient seem hazy, although they do not typically fall asleep. Moderate sedation is chosen during longer services to make the patient feel comfortable and the patient may fall into a light sleep. Even though other sedation options can be fine-tuned during the service, the concentration of oral-conscious sedation can’t be changed.

What to Expect

Our dentists will talk with the patient to completely discuss their allergies, medications, and medical history to determine if the patient is a candidate for oral-conscious sedation or another method. If oral-conscious sedation is elected, our dentists will give them a prescription for the tablet for the patient to swallow about 60 minutes before their service. The patient will not be able to drive to or from their treatment, since the patient will be conscious, but in a relaxed state. During the service, the patient will be conscious enough to hear our dentists and to follow any directives. Some patients can fall asleep during the service, however they can be easily waked when the treatment is done.

Treatment Aftercare

Patients cannot drive for at least 24 hours after being under oral-conscious sedation, so our dentists advise that each patient plan for a responsible adult to get them home after their scheduled procedure. While the patient generally remains conscious during the treatment, the sedation sometimes causes short-term memory loss. Oral-conscious sedation is usually dependable, although certain patients will get temporary nausea. Any uncommon side effects or continuing pain should be reported to our dentists at Broomfield Dental Group as soon as possible.

Insurance Coverage

Depending on the patient’s insurance policy, a portion or all of the cost of oral-conscious sedation will be included. Broomfield Dental Group will talk to the patient’s insurance company before the service to estimate their coverage and out-of-pocket cost. Our dentists at Broomfield Dental Group accept many methods of payment and we can connect patients to medical financing plans.

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Learn Your Sedation Options

If you are scheduled to have a long or invasive service at Broomfield Dental Group or if you dodge your regular dental examination and bi-annual professional cleaning because of worries, oral-conscious sedation or other sedation choice may help you to feel comfortable and relaxed for your visit to Broomfield Dental Group. To find out more information, come to a consultation with our dentists and learn more about sedation options, like oral-conscious sedation.

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