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Athletic Mouth Guards Broomfield, CO

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About Mouth Guards

Mouth guards that are custom built by a dentist, like our dentists in Broomfield, CO, can be used to shield the teeth and gums while enjoying contact sports (i.e. martial arts and football) or other activities that often involve falling or injury (i.e. biking and skating). In addition to defending the jaw, teeth, and gums, using a mouth guards has also been proven to boost athletic performance by lowering stress, which diminishes the release of hormones that can restrict strength, reaction time, and endurance. Even though generic mouth guards are priced lower, custom built mouth guards from our dentists at Broomfield Dental Group are created from superior quality ingredients, fit more snuggly, last longer, and give more reliable protection, which can prevent high-priced dental services.

What to Expect

To personalize the mouth guard, our dentists take a set of digital X-rays and molds for the dental lab where progressive technology and top-quality supplies will be used to build the patient's personalized mouth guard. When the mouth guard is shipped back to Broomfield Dental Group in Broomfield, CO, our dentists will fine-tune the mouth guard for the patient's best fit and the most comfortable bite.

Treatment Aftercare

Our dentists will talk to the patient about all mouth guard use information, such as the proper technique to clean and keep the mouth guard. To make sure the wear and fit of the guard is modified if needed, the patient should bring their mouth guard to every one of their cleaning appointments at Broomfield Dental Group. With ideal care, a mouth guard can be worn for 6 - 8 years, but our dentists will assess the mouth guard at all visits and help the patient choose when they may need a replacement mouth guard.

Insurance Coverage

A personalized mouth guard is generally not covered by dental insurance plans, but Broomfield Dental Group will calculate each patient's benefits and out-of-pocket expenses. To help make personalized mouth guards affordable for our patients, Broomfield Dental Group does accept quite a few forms of payment and we also offer financing plans.

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Protect and Prevent

To help you avoid costly dental services, our dentists at Broomfield Dental Group offer personalized mouth guards for athletic activities to help defend your gums, teeth, and jaws from traumatic impact. A personalized mouth guard from Broomfield Dental Group in Broomfield, CO saves your mouth with a secure fit and a more natural quality.

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