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Why Fluoride Treatments Could Enhance Your Teeth

fluoride and teeth

Present in several water sources, fluoride is a mineral that possesses notable dental benefits. This mineral reinforces the tooth’s framework and it be more resistant to cavities. It also is beneficial for those with baby teeth or compromised teeth and might reverse new cavities that have recently developed. Broomfield Dental Group performs effective fluoride services for our Broomfield, CO clients to improve their oral wellness at any age.

Typically, fluoride is beneficial for children around the ages of half a year to 16 years, as this period is when a lot of the permanent teeth emerge. Even so, men and women may reap the benefits of these treatments as well. At our practice in Broomfield, CO, we understand that fluoride is as vital in improving developing teeth as they are in shielding from tooth decay.


Numerous aspects of fluoride have a good effect on the teeth, including:

  • Curbing the reduction of minerals in the enamel
  • Decreasing the development of and targeting early
  • Stopping harmful buildup
  • Strengthening weakened enamel

Fluoride is generally present in water and in minor quantities in certain foods. While your teeth are frequently introduced to fluoride in the meals and water you eat and drink, it's hard to receive a substantial quantity of fluoride from your diet alone.


Putting fluoride on the enamel could be done using two methods: external or systemic. External application helps individuals of many age groups; meanwhile, the other is ideal for children since their permanent teeth are forming beneath the gum tissues. At Broomfield Dental Group, oral fluoride treatments are done every six months following a thorough cleaning and evaluation. The polished teeth are then dried, and fluoride is applied and left on the teeth for no more than four minutes for every application. To make sure that the substance completely penetrates your enamel, you could be told not to eat, drink, or smoke from a pipe or cigarette for no fewer than half an hour after your dental fluoride session.

This mineral is also contained in water. If it's consumed, it journeys throughout the body and the teeth develop. Toddlers who take in water composed of a tiny quantity to no fluoride could require a supplement to make sure their teeth develop correctly.


All individuals require a different amount of fluoride based on their risk of experiencing decay. When you develop a proper at-home oral health regimen and avoid sugary and acidic food and beverages, your chances for developing cavities might be lessened. When it comes to toddlers, when a large quantity of fluoride is absorbed, teeth might be dented or have mismatched colors. This concern is referred to as enamel fluorosis and can lead to little pale lines or areas on the tooth enamel. Even though it’s not ultimately destructive, it could lead to the need for cosmetic dentistry services.

Men and women who consume too much fluoride might become more susceptible to pain or bone fractures, sometimes referred to as skeletal fluorosis. This could result in discomfort and deterioration to various bones and junctures. In the event that you’re curious about your fluoride levels, contact our experienced team in Broomfield, CO.


Broomfield Dental Group offers dental fluoride treatments for men, women, and children. Our experienced team will perform a detailed oral examination to decide whether or not fluoride procedures are suitable for you. To summarize, the perks of fluoride are great for numerous individuals because it strengthens your enamel while reducing your risk of forming cavities. To find out more regarding dental fluorosis services, or to make a consultation at our Broomfield, CO office, reach out to our team as soon as you can.


Fluoride is beneficial for oral health because:

  • It slows down mineral loss (demineralization) from tooth enamel

  • It remineralizes weakened tooth enamel

  • It reverses any early signs of tooth decay

  • It prevents harmful oral bacteria growth

When bacteria break down sugar and carbs in your mouth, acid is produced that eats away at the minerals within your tooth enamel. Weakened tooth enamel makes your teeth more vulnerable to harmful bacteria that can later cause cavities.

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